50/50 (Bally 1965)

This machine designed by Ted Zale got a production run of only 580 units.

There are 3 red and 3 blue mushroom targets on playfield. As the ball enters, either red or blue targets are selected according to rollover lane thru which the ball came. After hitting two targets of correct color, a gate opens on right outlane. Three targets light Special on left outlane. Sounds easy, but: a Change Targets mushroom at center of playfield resets targets and changes to the other color. Same happens if the bumpers kick ball up thru rollover lane.

The game looks simple but is interesting to play. Target relays were in a big bank, that was working hard. Every time targets changed, the bank was reset. Mechanical problems in bank reset system were not unusual.

Interesting detail: this is a 2 player game with separate TILT relays for each player. Tilting the game means instant game over for that player!