Addams Family


Addams Family pinball was made in 1991 based on a movie of same name, and it broke all selling records! The game was manufactured 20270 units, a new production record and to celebrate that, another 1000 unit run of "Addams Family Gold" was made, with gold plated legs, slightly different cabinet and altered game rules.

Like so many of my games before, this was found by Taru, and what's more great, one of the few Euoropean models of TAF built into TAF Gold cabinets!

Playfield is dirty but OK.

The game has been in storage for 7 years, and played only occasionally. Not cleaned though. Considering that, the playfield looks very nice! The electric chair is missing its side lamps, and the right side slingshot plastic is broken.

At first we thought the cabinet sides are faded, but soon realized that it is the Gold cabinet in perfect shape!

Backbox sides need some minor touchups.

Under playfield, quite clean.

Backglass is original and in great shape. And the display is very bright.


The game is now thoroughly cleaned, and sure looks nice!

No wear on playfield at all.