Antti's games


It looks like the best pinballs were made in 1979-1981. This is proved by not only my own, but also Antti's collection. His gameroom has some gems from both Gottlieb and Williams repertoire of these best years.

Hulk, Roller Disco, Laser Ball and Algar

Hulk and Laser Ball are from 1979. Roller Disco and Algar are a little newer 1980. All are great games. The number of pinball collectors in Finland can be imagined, thinking that I have fixed this Hulk's electronics for even the two previous owners Kalle and Pekka. However now it seems to be in such a good shape that no more fixups are needed.

Alien Poker, Space Station, Spiderman and Panthera

Williams Space Station from 1987 does not actually fit into this group for being such a new game, but anyway it is a nice machine. Alien Poker, Spiderman and Panthera are solid iron from the golden year 1980.

Genie, Black Knight and Buck Rogers

Genie is from 1979 and oldest in this trio but a good game, the two others are from the great 1980.

Antti has also some video games. Surely everyone remembers Centipede!

Even a well playing game needs some fixing now and then: here I show an example of solenoid driver transistor replacement.

Genie doesn't always want to start up. Here I check the power supply, but so far the problem remains unsolved.

Panthera needed a coil replacement to one of the bumpers. Antti follows carefully.

Brown coil wrapper is a sign of bad coil.

Coil burning out is probably due to bad design of bumper driver board.

The board needs to get diode CR1 replaced with a wire jumper, and turn capacitor C1 the other way around.

System 80 -games usual problem, drying of filter capacitor has already been fixed in this game.

Panthera sounded somewhat poor, but even after swapping the sound board with Spiderman the sounds did not get any better, we just had to believe that the sound was as bad 23 years ago.

Algar awarded extra points randomly, especially when shaking the game. After doing the switch test and a little thinking, the fault was found at the front door, where the coin switch diode made a ground short. A little bending fixed it.

Atari known from its video games tried once to combine pinball and video. The result was not very popular however.

The playfield is formed from a printed image and a video display with semi transparent mirror. Considering the games manufacturing year 1979, this was a very nice game. But maybe its high price prevented greater popularity.

Here you see the upside down playfield. Below that, a semi transparent mirror and a video monitor. The playfield has some "when lit" lamps and a bonus display made with red LEDs.

Antti realized that the Spiderman does indeed have an attract mode - just turn switch #30 on!

Algar is quite rare game, production count only 349. I have never played it before. Seems a very nice game!

Laser Ball was also interesting. The picture shows my new high score, 922660 points.

Many thanks to Antti for showing his collection, and especially for the great souvenir that so well fits into the collections time frame!


Antti's collection keeps growing. After my last visit there are plenty of new games. Superman, Rocky, Time Line, Hardbody and Black Knight 2000, with a couple of video games had been added to the collection.

Rocky and Time Line. Two great Gottlieb System-80 games.

Sylvester Stallone is familiar from another pinball also...

Rocky's double flippers were quite confusing at start.

Time Line was "shopped". That means all lamps were removed. Antti is adding light bulbs.

Time Line's playfield has been retouched a little. Great work.

Backglass looks very nice.

Atari pinballs are somewhat rare. Superman is designed by famous Steve Ritchie.

Superman playfield. Not a boring game at all!

Backglass features familiar superhero. He is not afraid of anything, except kryptonite.

Atari from the inside. Hope this doesn't fail very soon.

Also Bally tried the photograph backglasses Not my personal favourite.

Hardbody playfield. You can see the game is from Germany. New English eproms are already burned.


Antti's collection keeps on growing. And not with just any games, but the best ones from 1979-1982. Enough new games to make anyone jealous. But soon he will be running out of space.

Space Station (1987) has got a slighly older Space Shuttle (1984) beside it. Also Bally and Atari departments are expanding.

Flash Gordon is open and under work, but soon it will also be playable.

Gottlieb System 80 department: Spiderman, Counterforce and Volcano.

Counterforce is under work, the playfield is a little bit worn but Antti fixes that like a pro.

You might be able to see the fixups in this enlarged photo, but direct from the playfield it is more difficult.

Video games were coming in the early 1980's, some of them quite playable games. Good that someone preserves them also.

Black Knight and the newer version versio Black Knight 2000. And the newly acquired Barracora.

Probably some of the best Williams games ever: Flash, Firepower, Blackout and Alien Poker.

An old saying is that Gottlien is the Mercedes-Benz of pinball. So here are some MB's then.

More System 80 games. Time Line, really hard Black Hole and a couple of Rockys.

Finally Antti found a good backglass for his Rocky. Except... there's still mr. Stallone :)

Mr. Repairdudes on a Firepower...

But their magic got the game working so well, that I managed to set a new high score!

Barracora is a great looking game. Probably not a bad one to play either, that will be seen when it is in working condition.