The 1976 Aztec is one of the last EM pinballs from Williams. Also a series of ten solid-state Aztec prototypes was made.

Cabinet is in really nice shape.

And so is the backglass.

No drill holes to fix at front, but the coin return button is replaced by a freeplay switch.

Playfield is dirty, but fortunately very little touching up is needed.

Bacbbox door is missing, but all parts inside are there and look good.

Under playfield, all OK.

Bottom board is also complete.

Game needs serious cleaning. Step up units are a little sticky, and probably many relays need cleaning, but this will be a fine machine!

Playfield is disassembled, now it is easy to clean, touch up and wax.

I removed all parts on top of playfield, now it is easy to deep clean it. Metal parts went into a tumbler for 24 hours, plastics will get an ultrasonic cleaning. Rubbers and lamps will be replaced with new. Also the bumper skirts need to be replaced.


Playfield is now cleaned, and it looks good.

A surprise was waiting at the bumpers. All metal parts are thoroughly rusted, even the solenoid plungers! And yet, the game does not look like it has any other water damage.

Plenty of rust.


Playfield is now completed. New bumper skirts, lamps and rubbers are in place. Now it is time to take apart and clean the stuck step up units and clean all relay switches.


Aztec is now in good playing condition! Cleaning of the stepper units did the job, also some lamp sockets needed cleaning, but most of the relays were OK. No need to start cleaning them all. Score reels are now nice and clean, fortunately the printed numbers did not suffer during cleaning. And after the flipper buttons and EOS switches, bumper and slingshot switches were burnished clean, the game works well and fast.