Banzai Run


Banzai Run is a special game, in which the ball also goes up into the backbox, and there are three flippers up there!

The game was expensive, and so it had a production run of only a little over 1500 units. As far as I know, there are only four working Banzai Run games in Finland.

The game is in fine condition. It needs just a little bit of cleaning, new rubbers and some lamps, then let's play!


Both playfields have been taken apart, every part cleaned and then put back together. At the same time, of course new rubbers and lams were installed.

Clean and shiny. No wear on playfield at all!

Upper playfield is also shiny and clean.

Upper playfield folds down for service.

Playfield underside is clean.


Some minor repairs have been done during years, e.g. replacement of one display glass. Latest repair was replacing all three of the right flipper bushings mounting screws, they were all broken. Now the games is in good shape again.