Blackout was the first talking game in our local arcade in 1980. It was also the first electronic Williams game there. So naturally, 24 years later, I bought myself one when this was available.

Playfield looks nice. New stickers for the droptargets must be made, they have faded a little.

Again a fine backglass by Constantino Mitchell, and in near flawless condition.
Mr. Mitchell clearly has carefully read his Marvel Comics back in 1968...

Also comic artists played Blackout. Picture from "Ruskaa Pakkasella" by Reima Mäkinen, (Kerubi Comics 2003, ISBN 952-5449-10-6). Page author himself (from 1981) is following the game.

Inside is clean. No flipper dust.

System 6 electronics. The batteries are removed from CPU board for safety, and mounted to a remote holder.


I made new stickers for the drop targets. The old ones were already quite faded.

Old and new target decal.

New targets look nice.


I replaced the 100 V display power supply zener diodes with 91 V, less voltage means longer life for displays and driver chips. They are a little less bright now, but not significantly less. While working at the power supply board, I also replaced the 5 V filter capacitor which was from year 1983. Old enough.


The sound volume has been unusually low since the beginning, but since it was just loud enough when adjusted to maximum, I haven't bothered to look at it. But now there have been strange clicks and noises, like some connector is failing so it was time to check the sound board. Connectors were all OK. An opamp, IC2 at the speech board has come to its end of life. A new chip in place, and wow, its REALLY loud since the volume is still at max. But that's easy to adjust. Now there is plenty of reserve in volume, and all extra clicks have disappeared.


The game has been stored in a quite damp space for a year, and even though my current gameroom is dry, the machine has troubles noticing when drop targets are down. This is typical for older Williams games. The target switch is a circuit board, with a horseshoe shaped contact wiper shorting its foils. The foils get oxidized and contact problems appear.

Middle target has its circuit board taken out, and it looks quite dark.

Circuit board can be polished with steel wool or very fine grade sandpaper. The clean board is then wiped with a very little amount of silicone oil, to prevent oxidizing and make the horseshoe wiper slide better.

Now it shines!


I put in new decals to the green standup targets. The old ones were faded to almost white color.


Blackout has now found a new owner.