Buck Rogers


One of the nicest System 1 games ended in my collection, as a result of a trade. The game is in project shape. All circuit boards are missing, and there might be some other missing parts also. We'll see when I get the game on its feet.

The friendly seller gave me a box of circuit boards, guaranteed not to work, with the game. I hope some of those will be repairable. Instructions on fixing System 1 games can be found here.


There is some life already in the game, but it still doesn't work. But I guess that can be managed.

Lights work, and the electronics is doing something.

Inside backbox are the System 1 electronics.

Cabinet is almost empty.

Playfield is in good condition.


I managed to make one working sound board from a few broken ones, pushing the test button makes it play the familiar sounds from over 20 years ago. How nice it would be to play this great game again! Anyway, no such luck with the CPU boards yet, but I won't quit, someday this will work again.


Has been a while now since I last had time to look at Buck Rogers, but now my summer vacation started and hopefully I have time to fix the CPU board and get playing this game. But today I at least managed to clean and wax the playfield, put in new rubbers and some lamps. Looks nice.

Playfield cleaned.

Two drop targets are not original, and also the plastic above targets is from some other game. Horsehoes do not exactly fit in with the Buck Rogers theme. No problem though. Some day I'll get a new set of targets and maybe the plastic also. But before that I need to clean the drop targets, they do not look very good now when everything else is shiny.

Wrong droptargets, wrong plastic.


All my CPU boards had a faulty 1753CF chip, but fortunately Pekka had a working spare board, and now my Buck Rogers is in full working shape!


I made a new plastic to replace the wrong one. Now it looks like original.

New plastic.


Buck Rogers has found a new owner.