Williams game from 1966. Special feature is a little bagatelle game in backbox. After each ball a small ball is shot into the bagatelle, giving various bonus points.

Never seen this before. The cabinet is wallpapered! But I think it will come off without destroying the paint.

Playfield is OK. Only slight wear above left flipper, and some rollover buttons missing.

Backglass is like new.

Close up of the backbox bagatelle.

Greetings from Mr. Repairdude: He didn't have flipper rubbers. But no problem...


Time to get a closer look at Casanova. All units and score reels are stuck, probably lubricated with WD-40 many years ago. But cleaning takes care of that. Otherwise, the game seems to be working. Except the outhole coil is burnt and need replacing.

Underside of playfield. No missing parts.

All OK on the bottom board. Compared to Jumpin' Jacks, the score motor here is newer version.

Looks like no major problems here either, except lots of unit cleaning.

After putting in some new lightbulbs, it can be seen that the backglass and bagatelle game are pretty much OK.


The playfield is now cleaned and waxed, and new rubbers and lightbulbs installed.

Clean playfield with new light bulbs.

New rubbers installed and all plastics back in place.

After dark.

The flippers need some adjustment to prevent playfield scratching. Also I must try to find replacements for the missing rollover buttons. The playfield needs some very minor touchups, but first the mechanical units must be cleaned.


Quite a job in disassembling and cleaning all score reels and units, but now it is done! Some minor adjustments were needed here and there, but now the game works fine, although still missing some rollover buttons. But now it's time to try and get the wallpaper remains off the cabinet.


Further fixing is now the problem of a new owner. One collector was so much interested in Casanova, that after many inquiries I had to sell it. Or, actually I traded it for a Buck Rogers.