Casino is a 1972 game from Chicago Coin, the company that later became Stern. It is a nice game for its age.

Cabinet is in reasonably good shape.

Playfield is very nice. Special feature is the two rotating disks.

And the real specialty: hand painted backglass! The painter has succeeded quite well. But it would still be nice to find the original backglass. That might be difficult though.

Original backglass (image from IPDB).


I took the game under inspection. It is really in nice shape both on the outside and the inside. Only problem is, Mr. Repairdude has been busy with his WD-40 can, and now all units and most of the score reels are quite stuck, as the WD-40 has dried and gummed in the mechanisms. So it means a lot of cleaning work. Today I already got some units working smoothly, but there are still many of those left. Anyway, this is going be a fine game!

After lifting the playfield away, plenty of room to do cleaning and adjustments.

Underside of playfield.


Casino has quite a lot of stuff in backbox. Good light is essential in fixing, a small reflector lamp is useful.

The game is getting ready. Cleaning the score reels was a tedious job. Helpful "Mr. Repairdude" had lubricated both the switching circuit board and solenoid mechanism very thoroughly, and it took some time to remove all gummed lubricants from the units.

Reel position is sensed by a circuit board switch.

After cleaning and waxing the playfield, the game looks pretty nice. And it almost works, the only little problem is an extra ball after the game is over. Looks like the Last Ball relay is not pulling in when it should. Probably needs some adjustment in Ball count unit, I'm sure it will be an easy fix.

The legs are a bit short and need to be replaced. Next to Casino, a game from Stern, successor company of Chicago Coin.

Manufacturer certifies that this is really a pinball machine.


Casino went on to its next owner.