Creature From The Black Lagoon (Bally 1992)


I used to have a Creature, that was for a long time my one and only game. During that time, I sort of got bored to it and decided to sell it. But of course, I soon regretted it but fortunately now I have a new Creature!

Playfield is in reasonably good shape.

The game is in pretty good condition, but of course needs a thorough cleaning. So off we go to disassemble the playfield and clean all the parts!

Playfield is stripped for cleaning.

Posts are removed and cleaned.

Playfiels is stripped. Next, cleaning with Novus 2 and waxing with Sonax Exxtreme.

Stripped playfield is easy to clean. After that, just install new rubbers and light bulbs.

Here it is, with new rubbers and lamps.

Everything in place. Sure looks good!