Creature From The Black Lagoon (Bally 1993)

Creature is a nice game for a player like me, who has grown up with EM games. Only 2 ball multiball and two flippers. Even an old guy like me is able to play it. Game theme is even older, drive in movies from the fifties. Graphics and sounds are suitable for the theme, and the music is really good.

This is a definitely a keeper.


Left flipper EOS switch broken. Replaced with new switch.


Right ramp microswitch lever loose. Put back in place.


Ice Cream -switch wire loose. Soldered back on.


Left flipper coil diode shorted, fuse blows on Fliptronic board. After replacing diode, works fine.


Fliptronic board opto input pullup resistors changed from 1k to 10k. Left lower flipper opto replaced by H22A1, that works well with the 10k pullups. The 4 new resistors can be seen in this picture, they are the ones with a light blue body between the light brown 1k resistors.


Replaced all rubbers with white rings, that this machine originally came with.


New batteries installed.


My collection is almost entirely focused on 70's - 80's games. They are more interesting than these newer ones. Creature is a very fine game, but since storage space is always limited, it was time to let it go to the next owner. I had it already for 8 years.