Taru found a nice Bally 1994 Corvette, a great car themed game. After a few test games she made a deal.



Taru has now disassembled the game a little for cleaning. Not so nice surprise was that the top playfield diverter is completely missing. Hopefully a replacement can be found or made.

Corvette needs an engine cleaning.

The dirt shows that a lots of rubber has been burnt in bumper area :)

And the plastic ramps need some cleaning, too.


The game is almost ready. Taru has removed all playfield parts for cleaning, and put in new lamps and rubbers. It sure looks nice!

Taru made a new plastic to replace old broken one.

In the backglass, high speed and dangerous living.

Playfield shines.

And so do all other parts too.

Cabinet is quite OK.

Not much work needed in this side either.

Front door has not been kicked in.


Corvette is now at my gameroom.


Corvette has found a new owner.