Cirqus Voltaire


Taru again arranged a deal, this game was found with Whodunnit, and of course a must to pick up when available..

The game needs only light cleaning and waxing, and new set of rubbers. Anti breakin bar mounting holes of course need to be filled in and painted.


Playfield is in good shape.

The neon tube was dark because of bad driver chip ULN2803. No problem, new chip installed and the tube glows again.

Inside it's OK too.

Backbox decorations are installed.

WPC-95 board set.


Now the most urgent playing needs have been satisfied, and it is time to do a complete cleaning job on the game. All parts on playfield are removed and cleaned. Burnt or darkened light bulbs are replaced. All rubbers are replaced. Under the playfield, all tunnels are cleaned so that the balls dont bring any dirt from there to the clean playfield. Finally, the playfield gets a layer of good Carnauba wax.

Playfield cleaner got a nice surprise after removing one plastic:

You're welcome.


I traded Cirqus Voltaire for a Monster Bash, and the game is now with a new owner.