Elvira and the Party Monsters


I have had this game for a while on loan, but now it turned up all mine, so I brought it home from my game storage. Elvira is one of the best System 11 games by Williams/Bally. Nice game and good sounds. This was previously owned by a pinball collector so it is in very good condition.

OK cabinet.

No wear on playfield.

Perfect backglass.


Let's Boogie!

Even a well-kept machine can have problems, or actually this problem was created long time before the previous owner took this game in her tender care. One of the two Boogie-Men stopped moving. A while ago I did notice the boogie-men mechanism was sometimes a little bit sticky. But a generous squirt of silicone spray (as recommended by Mr. Repairdude...) helped that. But now it didn't help any more. The shaft going thru the tube that moves the boogie man had eaten its way all through the tube and out of it. So I had to drill another hole into the tube. At the same time I had a chance to thoroughly clean the mechanism from my silicone spray, and all the gummed vaseline or who knows what lubricant, very much resembling bubble-gum now. And there were lots of it! No wonder things got stuck. I'm sure it will now work perfectly for a long time. After all, in home use the boogie-men do not move very much. I used "HHS2000 Synthetic Vaseline" to lubricate all sliding parts, that stuff is not supposed to turn into bubblegum very soon.


Bone flippers

I replaced the standard flippers with boney ones, familiar from Scared Stiff.