In Denmark, there was a Fathom for sale along with some other games, and after long negotiations the games were shipped to Finland, with a reasonable price.


Backglass is OK.

Playfield is dirty, rubbers are wrong colour, and there are some bad touch up jobs under Mylar.

Rubbers sure don't come loose in play if you glue them on!

A little wear where the ball moves, as it is said.

Ball has moved in here too.


I got the playfield parts removed and cleaned, and even managed to put it all back together, with new lamps and rubbers. It still doesn't look perfect, and won't be until I get the Mylars removed and some touching up done.

Playfield cleaned, with new rubbers.


Two plastics on lower playfield had apparently been broken some time, and they were replaced with aluminum. Doesn't look very nice, and so I made new plastics, that look like originals.


Taru did some major touch-ups on the playfield, and it sure looks good now!