Games and happenings

Photos and stories of games I have owned, and their repair logs. On this page you can find also stories of other collectors games, that I have visited, and notes on many pinball related events and happenings.

My games and other collectors games

Some games I have owned during the years and still own
My games from past and present. Unfortunately I don't have all of these anymore. Lots of nice memories though.

Taru Hartikka's games
Taru Leppänen has a nice collection of newer games, and she's also a restoration wizard.

Antti's games
I am not the only one that thinks the best pinball years were 1979-1981. Antti's great collection concentrates on just these years.

Kauko's great EM collection
Fine collection of fine machines. A fine collector.

Pinball happenings

VPO tournament 2006
The first VPO tournament was held at end of summer 2006.

SPO tournament 2006
SPO 2006 was held in April 2006.

SPO tournament 2005
Spring 2005 it was time again for the annual Sörkka Pinball Open.

SPO pinball tournament 2004
Spring 2004 we arranged the Sörkka Pinball Open tournament.

SPEL annual meeting 2003
In August 2003 was again time of SPEL's yearly meeting.

Kauko's games summer 2003
Probably the last time these games were shown for public.

SPEL summer meeting 2002
Gaming Guide (Rahapeliopas) guys visited SPEL in summer 2002.

Karvia weekend on summer 2002
Once again, pinheads take a trip to Karvia.

SPEL spring meeting 2002
Meeting of the Finnish Gamecollectors Society SPEL and also some other interesting places visited.

Basement treasure: Beat the Clock
Fixing up an old but good machine.

Pinheads winter meeting
In January 2002 it was time to check out Kauko's newest games and have a nice weekend.

Pinheads go shopping
Buying a game can be an adventure. Check what we found in Turku, Finland, autumn 2001.

Summer weekend pinhead meeting
In August 2001 there was a pinhead meeting at Kauko's place.