Getaway is a sequel for Williams older very popular High Speed. It is a fun game with great music.

At first glance, it looks just OK.

Backglass is good, and display is not worn out.

Looking closer, some strange details can be noticed... Anyway, I think that doing all repairs and adjustments properly, the game will work in original condition, without the kludges.

This plastic has been added for some reason.

I wonder what is the purpose of these two large screws?

On with the cleaning. First remove most of the playfield parts, so that the playfield can be properly cleaned. Of course also the removed parts are cleaned too. All lamps and rubbers will be replaced with new.

Stripped playfield.

This is why the playfield must be stripped. Otherwise you can't clean the hard to reach places.

These light bulbs are probably factory original.


Everything is now cleaned and playfield parts put back again. The reason for added plastic and the big screws also became clear. Ball launcher coil was misadjusted, and the ball jumped out of its lane. A big unnecessary hack job, when all that really was needed were two washers unders the launcher coil assembly, tilting it slightly so that the ball doesn't get the upward force anymore.

This is how it looks like.


Getaway has found a new owner!