Gorgar is the first talking pinball. It has a vocabulary of only seven words, but still was a sensation when introduced in 1979. Also the artwork looks great. So I did not need to hesitate getting this game.

Gorgar speaks!(56 kB)

The playfield has been slightly touched up, but very carefully. It looks very nice.

Backglass by Constantino Mitchell is perfect.


There was a segment missing in both 3. and 4. player displays. This is common in old Williams games, and usually happens when one of the 10k resistors burn out in the Master Display board. But, the new resistor immediately began smoking! The problem is in the 3. player display, that has the d-segment internally shorted. Too bad, can't be fixed. So I put the 4. player display to the third player, and now the game is missing player 4 display. That means no 4-player games for now.


New display was found, now this is again a four-player machine!


Replaced the +5V filter cap on power supply board, because checking the ripple voltage showed quite high value, almost 2V, meaning the cap was at the end of its life. It was still original. 25 years is respectable life for an electrolytic.


I replaced the missing knocker coil, now scoring replays result in an appropriate sound effect.


Replaced flipper coil sleeves, plunger/link and EOS switches. With the old style flipper mechanisms, you need to keep everything in mint condition to get enough power from flippers.


I made new stickers for the drop targets. The old ones were already a bit faded.

Old and new target decals.

New targets look nice.


I replaced the 100 V display power supply zener diodes with 91 V, less voltage means longer life for displays and driver chips. They are a little less bright now, but not significantly less.


Yesterday, when working at the power supply, I noticed the battery holder on the CPU board was put together with tape and wire. Although it has been working fine, I replaced it with a new holder, since those were at hand.


Gorgar speaks now at his new home in a fine collection.