Dirty Harry


Dirty Harry is a familiar game for both me and Taru, we used to own those but both have been sold because of cramped spaces. Now we have lots of space, and when a DH was for sale, we bought one. The game has lots of modes, good music and of course speech features Clint Eastwood himself :)

Taru took the game under work, of course all playfield parts must be removed for cleaninf, then the playfield is waxed and new rubbers and lamps installed. The machine is in very good condition, both cabinet and playfield. Some broken wires and one opto needed repairing, but other than that, no major problems.

Make my day!

Playfield shines.

Cabinet has no scratch marks.

Backbox side look good.

Rare sight: no ugly holes in frontside!

Under playfiels, all OK.