Dirty Harry


The game was sold as water damaged, for a nice price. It was soon found out that the damage was not caused by water, but steam coming from a burst heatwater pipe. Bad luck that the game was turned on when it happened, and the steam had caused shorts in electronics, as well as rusted some metal parts. But if nothing else, at least this would be a good spares machine, and you can always try fixing the electronics.

Picture shows that the pinballs are not made of stainless steel.

Dot matrix controller has had a little short from connector to backplane.

Two pins have vanished from the connector.

All circuit boards were more or less oxidized, but brushing with alcohol took care of that. Dot matrix driver board had a burnt connector, and also part of circuit board was crisped. Nearly all transistors of the HV supply were burnt out. One of the amplifiers on sound board had exploded, taking also a backbox speaker with it. But other from that, the electronics were OK. It was a relief to see the CPU board working, being a WPC Security type, it would have been difficult to find the game specific security chip replacement. Also the dot matrix display was fine.

Playfield was quite dirty, and naturally all rubbers needed replacing. So it was time to start dismantling the playfield. The various ramps and wireforms made the job quite complicated, and I had to take lots of pictures to help in putting it all back together. Eventually all parts were cleaned and everything put back again, with no leftover parts except for some screws. I was a little bit worried about the lamp sockets, some of which were rusty, but a little squirt of contact spray before putting in a bulb helped, all lamps light solid now.

Playfield here already partly dismantled, and looks nice.

Backglass is perfect.

Driver board from another game in same warehouse. Fortunately my board was not this bad.

Amazingly, even this driver board got fixed, even though at some phase I almost lost faith in my repair capabilities, while trying to fit the new parts on the holes. But since the board belonged to a very good friend, I had to try. The holes burned in board got quite large when I removed all charred board remains, but that had to be done because the charred parts conduct electricity and will cause fireworks again if not removed properly.

Just some wire and hot melt glue, and it'll be fixed...

Front side, the repairs are less noticeable.

After a few days work all the problems were solved and it was time for test playing. Works fine! Even if I didn't get a spares machine, I got a nice game, or at least in my opinion this game is better than its reputation.


Dirty Harry has worked fine without problems, and is a nice game. But now it was its turn to make room for new games and go on to the next owner.

Go ahead, make my day!