Hootenanny (Bally 1963)

Another fine design by Ted Zale. Production count 1051.

A-B-C-D rollovers at top playfield light 50 point targets in outlanes and outhole. 1-2-3 targets open gates on right lane. Two targets hit, top gate opens. Three targets hit, bottom gate opens. When both gates are open, ball returns to shooter thru lane and lights next letter in backbox HOOTENANNY. All letters lit gives 3 replays!

Lit HOOTENANNY letters do not reset between games. This gives a possibility to game strategy: wait until all but one letters are lit by other players, then go get the replays!

I did lots of modifications to this machine. These include a spinner lane on left top playfield, bonus system, extra balls, automatic style outhole instead of manual ball lift. Original scoring was with three digits and a lighetd "1" in front of them, so maximum score was 1999 points. After my modifications it was not enough, and I added a fourth score reel.

Of course this kind of modification destroys game original value. I would not do that anymore, but hey, I didn't know better then.