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Pinballs at home? Some could recommend fast therapy to help cure this kind of madness. Some just smile - it is unwise to annoy mad people. Dear fellows: just go on collecting your stamps or other colored pieces of paper, or run after some rare tweety-bird when alarmed by your pocket beeper. The main thing is you should live happily and not come haunting back after you die. I collect pinball games.

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Looking for spare parts? Sorry, I don't have any for sale. Check my links page for spares supplier contacts. Also, unfortunately I don't have spare time enough to repair your games or circuit boards.

Pinball photos at these pages are mainly taken by me, or from the Internet Pinball Database.

Repair tips are for people who understand them and can apply them to their own machines. If you are not sure - you probably can't. Find someone who can help, even for a little compensation. It is still less expensive than repairing the machine you managed to completely screw up.

I have tried my best to make sure all my tips are correct, but can't give you any warranty whether they can be used in your particular game. Use this info, but don't blame me if it doesn't help.