Indiana Jones


Indy is a fun game but nowadays a bit hard to find for a decent price. So it was a pleasant surprise when one popped up, with good price. Taru called the seller immediately and incredibly, the game was still for sale. Not for long, she made a deal at once and a few days after that we went to pick up the machine. We bought Indy 50/50 with Taru, as we are almost neighbours it is easy to move the machine around.

Game and buyer, at sellers warehouse.

Deal is done and game is in my van.

The machine is in pretty good shape, just one droptarget is broken, not a big issue. Of course it needs thorough cleaning and waxing, new rubbers and a handful of light bulbs. But anyway no big problems. Just install newest software (L7) and put in new batteries (the old ones had a best before date of 10/99, some six years ago...)

Playfield is not worn but needs cleaning.

It sure needs cleaning!

I hope there's a decent playfield under all this dirt!

Time for a test game.


Looks good. And the game doesn't look so bad either :)

Everything cleaned and waxed.

Test playing revealed a few intermittent optos, but a handful of IR-Leds fixed that. Now everything works. We replaced one broken drop target and installed new decal stickers to the targets. The game is really in fine shape. Even both planes are still present on the playfield, at least one of them seems to be missing in many games.


We replaced the playfield glass, it was ordinary window glass which can be dangerous when broken. Instead of tempered glass, which shatters into millions of small pieces, we put in laminated glass. It stays in one piece even when broken, and yet doesn't cut your hands. Wide glass for IJ was less than 40 Euros in local glass shop.


Now the game is technically in good shape, and it is time to look at the cosmetics. Many people don't care about that, instead they think as long as the game plays perfectly it needs no more work, but of course it should be clear that if you take a pinball machine to your home, it should look as nice as it plays. And there are some minor touch ups to be done with our Indy, but fortunately Taru can handle thos in a breeze!

Backbox edges need some touchup.

Black paint will help here.

Security bar mounting holes have been filled.

This picture shows how the cabinet is already a little bit faded, just look at the original color that shows where the security bar has been mounted. But anyway, compared to many Indys, this is still in very nice condition :)


After Taru's repairs, the backbox looks a lot better :)

Holes are repaired and red paint restored.

Not bad at all!


We replaced the original red bumper caps and miniplayfield lane guides with new yellow ones. Somehow they look better than red. But if yellow starts to get boring, or the game should be put into original condition, it is easy to put the red plastics back in.

New bumper caps and lane guides.

At the same time, a quick cleaning of playfield and rubbers, and a little wax onto playfield. It sure looks, and is nice to play!