Pinball history and information

Some notes on pinball history and the games evolution throughout many years, and also various useful bits of information and trivia.

Pinball history
What did we play when there weren't pinballs? How long have there been pinball machines around?

Evolution of pinball sound systems
Steel ball bouncing around does not make very interesting sounds. But a pinball machine does sound interesting. Read how the sound systems have evolved during the years.

Microprocessor technology in modern pinballs
In the late 1970's there was a revolution in pinball and also other technology. Microprocessors came to stay. What kind of CPUs have been used in pinballs and how do they work?

Pinball art and artists
A pinball machine is fun to play but it also looks great. See some pinball art examples here.

Pinball literature
The Internet has lots of pinball pages, but it is much nicer to read real books, many of which are available.

Buying a used pinball
Pinball machine at home? Sure, go ahead but where to get it, how much to pay and which one to buy?