Jive Time


Playfield is OK

No problems with backglass either


Now I had time to look at the game, it looks OK. All rubbers and playfield lamps were missing, but clearly the previous owner had done a good cleaning job. All it needs is a coat of wax. I put in new light bulbs and rubbers.

Some backbox relays were misadjusted and their switches bent, probably something had hit them. Not a big job to readjust. And the outhole switch is wrong type and does not work.

Cabinet inside is nice and clean.

Under playfield all OK.

Backglass paint is still intact.

No missing parts here either.

Nice game.

Ready for waxing.


Jivetime is now in full working shape, all relays and units have been cleaned and game is working OK.

Cleaning is easy when the bottom board is lifted up.

Machine is ready.