Jumpin' Jacks


My oldest game for now is this 1963 Jumpin' Jacks by Williams. Manual ball lift was a standard then, a push rod below the shooter.

Cabinet has been painted over, not very nicely. The rusted front door will be replaced by better looking one, that the seller threw in with the game.

Playfield is in good shape.

And so is the backglass.


Cleaning and waxing the playfield revealed a nice surprise: it is in really good condition! Just put in new rubbers and lamps.

Stripped playfield.

Inside the game, there was something you don't always see even in newer games. The original schematic and all paperworks neatly in their envelope.

Schematics and other stuff.

Jumping Jacks after dark

Backglass is OK. Some paint has flaked off. Clear lacquer will prevent further flaking.

Inside backbox.

Playfield underside. The two gobble holes feed the ball down to ball lift and plunger.

Bottom board has the usual stuff, relays, one bank and the score motor.

Ball leaving playfield rolls to ball lift, that is operated by push rod.

Besides relays clicking, the two chimes and a knocker are used to make sounds.

Score reels are now shiny and white after Novus 2 cleaning.


The game found a new owner.