Jungle Lord


Jungle Lord is the second in the four Williams game series, that had a two-level playfield and Magna-Save. So when this was offered, of course we had to get it to stand besides Black Knight. Now only to find Solar Fire and Pharaoh...

Left slingshot coil is crispy and black, probably also its driver transistor. Thanks to the German mechanic who had replaced the 2.5 A solenoid fuse with a nice big 20 A one. Also the Magnasave coils are removed, but luckily were found inside the cabinet. The sound board worked but CPU does not start. So the game needs some work.


A new slingshot coil and driver transistor are in place, works fine. CPU board starting problems were caused by a corroded fuse holder. Also the connector between sound and speech boards was a little troublesome, but after all this game was quite easy to get up and running.

Waxed playfield. Looks quite OK.

Magnasave-coils are now secured in place.


I made stickers to the drop targets. The original image was nowhere to be found, but looking at the flyer shows there is some kind of big cat's head in target decal. So I copied the tiger face from backglass image. Looks OK.


The game has been working fine. And now it looks even more better, when Svend from Denmark sent me a new plastic over the shooter lane. Thank you Svend!

Broken and new plastic