Winter weekend at Karvia


After Christmas and New Year it is again time to concentrate on the essential: pinballs. Kauko has bought a couple of new games since last time so we decided to take a weekend trip to Karvia again. This time not by a bus, but a bit smaller transportation.

Dull Boys MC

The German refrigerator on wheels was familiar to me. I used to have a similar, although some years older model. The heater in this model was no better than in mine, so it was necessary to keep warm clothes on during the trip. Fortunately it is under two hours from Tampere. Antti and Sampo again left from Helsinki, with the car owner Harri, and a birthday hero Timo. APz had been travelling here and there, and came to Tampere by train. The six of us and a dog then went on. Two hours later we arrived to the familiar cottage and started heating the sauna.

This time we did not have a real pinball machine with us, but Antti is always prepared and has games for every occasion. This kind of smaller pinball takes less room but the playing appeal leaves something to be desired.

On Saturday we stepped into the VW and drove to Kauko's pinball cave. Fortunately it was a short trip, because only heat in car came from Harri's dog Uuvatti.

Pinball Cave

Kauko's cave is more cave like than ever before, now that the games are in one row. Behind the wall is an air rifle range. Fortunately the wall is quite solid.

Coldness of the VW was soon forgotten in the warm cave. The warm looks of a Heatwave helped forgetting the cold outside very fast.

Even if the space had been reduced, there were more machines than before. Jungle Queen and OXO were Kauko's latest acquisitions.

EM-technology: Bally Joust from the inside. No relays saved!

Capt. Fantastic: Is this our former president or Elton John?

This fellow did not care much of pinballs...

...but these definitely did. APz and Pekka checking out Orbit.

Oxo was a familiar machine to me, although last game was 21 years ago.

Kauko shows us the innards of OXO. Quite a long relay bank!

Long bank adds weight to playfiels. This playfield has been in the service position so often that the playfield support bar has gone through playfield! Tim Arnold is right in saying that the playfield must always be lifted against the backbox.

Kauko had made a nice workplace at the other end of his cave.

Gottlieb's Jacks Open is really a classic. No wonder there is also an SS version made, called "Jacks To Open". Even if the playfield looks simple, the game strategy is interesting. Light on playfield shows what targets must be dropped to get to the next phase.

Sampo prepares to take a picture of a once burned Heatwave, that Kauko has restored.

Heatwave fire began at the transformer. Cabinet was padded with foam plastic, fuses were replaced with nails, a short somewhere and POOF! Now the cabinet has been painted white on the inside. Without a schematic, Kauko traced all burnt wires and reconnnected them and fixed all burned parts. Fortunately the playfield paint has not suffered much from the fire.

This is probably what every pinhead would like to have. And still this picture does not show all Kauko's games.

We went back to cottage for lunch, so that we would have strength to keep on playing again in the evening. Antti experiments with new hat style.

To avoid quick death - do not wake up

Of course a little nap was a good idea.

APZ did not need much sleep. Coke and Battery Energydrink kept him alert and hands shaky...

... a little side effect of those drinks was that he got bored to the slowness of his laptop computer.

Timo was a bit tired after coming in at 4 AM from a bar tour

Pinball dog Uuvatti is a common visitor at Pub Heinähattu, it seems.

The games were in good condition and nothing broke during the weekend. Hopefully also the cottage survived us. Thanks again to Kauko for a nice weekend!