Pinheads at Karvia


Summer is ending and it is time again for the little town Karvia to have its annual carneval days. EM collector Kauko Kannisto opens his collection to public during these days. Of course we wanted to be there also! Kauko has arranged a nice cabin for us, so off we went. SPEL's special group left from Helsinki on Friday afternoon, and picked me from Tampere.

Big Bad Masa's travels

The bus was very suitable for this kind of trip. Antti took with him a Bally Mystic pinball and Baby Pac-Man video/pinball. So the games were unloaded onto cabin front porch and plugged in. Then some barbecue and sauna. Friday night went nicely playing and reading pinball books.

This kind of cottage is a nice place to have a weekend. Antti is wondering whether the pinball will move by itself?

Sampo and Antti carried the game onto front porch.

It must be plugged in first, but that took no time from us professionals.

After the light pinball has been moved it was time for a little heavier game. Baby Pac-Man came out of the bus undamaged and was quickly set up.

Antti's Mystic had a hard time in the hands of professional players, and it is no wonder that one flipper coil couldn't take it. Sure it smoked a bit, but who would quit in the middle of a game? Only after the coil was totally melted and the flipper stuck up, did we turn the game off. Well, maybe Kauko would lend us a spare coil tomorrow...

The coil was only a bit brown, but completely melt from the inside. A mystical blob has appeared on the coil, which must be normal for a Mystic pinball!

Kauko himself was playing guitar nearby until 4 AM, but then he gave us a short visit and welcomed us to check his games on the next day. All games would be operational for us.

So then, at noon after morning coffee etc, Sampo started the bus and we left to Kauko's place. It was not far, about 10 km, so we did not have to drive for a long time. 19 pinballs were waiting, and also some local people were there admiring Kauko's collection.

Antti has met a winner: Surf Champ still going strong.

We did not have to play with dry throats. Kauko arranged us coffee, tea and buns.

Some other pinheads had also come to the place. The great collection was admired by people from Vihti, Espoo and Turku. Kauko showed us his last creations. He had made some chime units, that are often missing from old games. The quality is amazingly good.

Of course Kauko had a spare coil for Mystic. Or nearly so. I must say the game was quite fast with a 24V coil, instead of the original 50V. Small wonder that no drop targets broke during the night. We stayed at Kauko's place until evening and then returned back to the cabin.

Evening went by playing and having fun. The day had been long and interesting, so we had to get some sleep even if the time was only 2 AM. APz had to be at Kouvola the next morning, so he took the usual dosage of Coke and Energydrink and started his car. Hopefully he doesn't fall asleep at the wheel!

On Sunday it was time to say goodbye to the nice cabin. Of course we heated the sauna once more before leaving. The games were packed into the bus, and we visited Kauko once more and played some games, and then left to Tampere.

The pinheads were thirsty during the weekend, and the bus during the ride home. A water hose burst from Scania, but we got it to Tampere in one piece, and I loaned the guys a 40 liter canister full of water, to keep the bus going to the next watering hole.

Many thanks to Kauko for the fine arrangements, and to Antti and Sampo for the ride. Next year again, hopefully many pinheads will be there!

An official pinball dog.