Pinball light bulbs

Here are the most common light bulbs used in pinballs. The #44 and #555 bulbs are used in general illumination and in feature lights. Flashers use #89 and #906 lamps. #86 is not so common but can be found at least in Twilight Zone and Creature. Older EM games use only #44 lamps. Now when the AC voltage has gone up from EM days 220 V to 230 V, it is a good idea to use #47 lamps, that draw less current and generate less heat. Especially in the backbox, where they help reduce heat and backglass paint flaking.

If you go to an electric store with those lamp codes, you will probably come back with empty hands. Thos types are not generally used in Europe. This table helps. It shows the bulb socket type and its voltage and current. Also RS/YE order codes, though these bulbs can be obtained from many other places also.

Bulb Voltage Current/Power Socket RS/YE code
#44 6.3 V 0.25 A BA9S 586-267
#47 6.3 V 0.15 A BA9S 587-614
#555 6.3 V 0.25 A 10 mm glass wedge 587-973
#89 12 V 5 W BA15S 579-174
#906 12 V 5 W 10 mm glass wedge 195-4093
#86 6 V 80 mA 5mm glass wedge 587-529