Pinball links

Pinball manufacturers


The only pinball maker for now.

Games and spare parts


Games and spares.


Swedish company, with a nice supply of spares.

Pinball Heaven

A very decent spare parts and games seller. Since this is inside EU, ordering is easy. Delivery is fast, Phil really knows his business. Aimed at hobbyists.


Spare parts for all kind of coin operated machines. Not as much for the hobbyist as for the operators.

John's Jukes

Spares and repair service for pinballs, jukeboxes and video games. Good repair tips.

Pinball Lizard

Lots of spares, especially for SS games. Good repair handbooks.

Pinball Resource

Good supply of EM spares, but also lots for SS games. Good selection of bumper caps and drop targets.

Marco Specialties

Marco sells almost anything you need with pinballs. Good selection on pinball books. The prices are not the lowest but selection is good and delivery fast.

Competitive Products

Spares and supplies not only for pinballs but other amusement machines as well.


A French site. Lots of coin op games and related stuff.

Golden Games

Common spares and also complete games from Finland.

Real Games

A Finnish company that still operates with pinballs. Buy, sell and rent.


Games and spares.


The Internet Pinball Machine Database

Data and pictures of almost every pinball ever made.

Pinball Repair Guides

Clay's great repair tips for WPC, SYS11, Sys 80 and EM games. Also restauration tips.

Flipper Pinball Fan

Leon has made very good test ROM's for various games. He has lots of useful stuff in his site.

Mr. Pinball

Buys, sells and repairs pinballs. He has schematics and price guides. Specialized into EM machines. Good repair tips.

Pinball News

News on game industry and pinball happenings.

Steve's RGP Page

Images and info on newsgroup regular posters.

Articles, news and TOP-100 poll.

Other collectors' sites

Taru's pinballs

Pictures and stories of Taru Leppänen's pinballs and other machines.

APz's pinball pages

Pictures and info on games, lots of helpful instructions and repair logs.


Finnish Gamecollectors Society for collectors of old and new machines.

Pekka's Pinball Pages

Pictures and stories of Pekka's games, and a virtual museum of old electronics.

Pinball of the month

Every month a new game. Fine pictures of machines and their owners.

Arcade page of Lasse Pääkkönen

Pictures and stories of Lasse's various machines.

Made In Spain

Information of Spanish made pinballs. There are surprisingly many of them!

Federico Croci

Pages of an Italian longtime hobbyist. Tons of interesting stuff.

Ted Estes

Ted has written software to e.g. Twilight Zone and is also known as the great Uncle Willy.

Mark's Pinball Page

Repair tips and a nice collection of games

The Pinball Ark

Another Swedish pages, nice stories of authors games and good tuning tips.

RePlay - Pinball Luzern

A fine game collection of two Swiss guys. Many Gottlieb System 80 games.

Pharaoh Pinball Resource

Very thorough pages on Pharaoh, also lots of restoration tips, by Svend Rasmussen (Denmark).


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