The Machine Bride of Pin*Bot


The final game in last springs SPO2005 tournament was a Williams "The Machine", which was a nice game to play. Now one was for sale, at suitable price so we decided with Taru to get it. Our acquisition is technically OK but needs a little work before it also looks great.

All parts and plastics are in good shape.

Backbox edges need lots of filling and paint.

Playfield is dirty but fortunately not much wear.

Inside all OK, and quite clean too.

Now I start disassembling the playfield, so that everything can be cleaned and waxed. Of course the game needs new rubbers and a handful of light bulbs. But no major problems, once the cleaning is done, Taru can start applying her magic to the backbox and cabinet dents and scratches.


The playfield is now cleaned, and it sure was no small task! Probably the game has never been thoroughly cleaned in its 14 years, all parts were extremely dirty and so was the playfield. But after some cleaning work, it starts to look better.

Bumper area has never seen a cleaning rag before, I think.

The ramps are not exactly shiny either.

But Novus 2 does wonders!

Playfield is now clean, and fortunately not very much worn.

Although a little touch-up is required.


Playfield touch-up ongoing.

Looks like there has never been any problems with the paint!


Cleaned playfield with new rubbers and lamps, let's play!