Attack From Mars


These games are not particularly easy to find, even though it is a nice game with good theme.

Machine is just brought into its new home.

Nice and clean.

I test played the game at sellers home, and found no problems, except one burnt G.I. connector, causing some backbox lights to be dim. That's easy to fix. This is the first pinball game we have bought, that doesn't require complete disassembly, lots of cleaning work and a big box of spare parts. Big thanks for that to the previous owner!


Lamp panel.

I replaced the burnt connector J105. Now all lamps work fine. A little surprise was found when removing the backglass. This game does not have a hinged panel for backbox lights, they are mounted on a plastic tray and attached directly to backglass. This makes it easier to work on the left side of backbox.


The middle target on left side of playfield was a bit loose, no wonder, it gets hit a lot. The screw holes were so worn that they couldn't be tightened properly.


The lowest target mounting screws had split the playfield. I had to remove that target also, and glue the splinter back in place. Then I inserted plugs with wood glue into screw holes.

Plugged holes.

Now I just drilled small holes for screws, and then screw the targets back in. All screws tightened nicely. I am sure it will hold for some years :)

Meanwhile, I burned and installed the latest ROM version 1.13, it is "free play only" but that doesn't matter in home use.


Ball got stuck in upper right popper in the middle of a game. So I had to open the machine and see what's wrong. And as usual, one of the popper coils wires had broken loose, and the other was about to follow. That was a quick thing to fix, and I routed the wires a bit differently so that they do not shake so much and hopefully do not break anymore.


The game was moved to Taru's place to get room for Cirqus Voltaire.


The playfield martians got a whole new look at Taru's make up shop :)

Martians before...

...and after.