A couple of new games! Or, two times one new game. Two Paragons from Bally 1979. Some minor problems in both, but this will make at least one working game.

Paragon is a widebody game that has a little of everything. There are three eject holes, four bumpers, three normal and one smaller flipper, 7 drop targets, a spinner and lots of various rollovers and lanes. Art by Paul Faris is breathtakingly great!

Games still on a pallet, one of the backboxes has been brought inside. The one backglass is packed between two cabinets, and fortunately came through in one piece.

Playfield has only minor wear. Not bad.

Two games, one backglass. But it is in good shape.

There are some problems in both games electronics, but as we know that is the smallest problem. Should be easy to fix. Otherwise, most parts are there.


Bally's brain.

The CPU board had only slight damage from leaked battery electrolyte. The CMOS RAM U8 and its socket were bad, so I replaced those. A memory backup capacitor could have been installed to replace old NiCd battery, but I didn't have one of thos handy so I put in a fresh battery. That should be OK for some years.


It works!

In goes the repaired CPU, then a moment of wondering with the power supply connectors ("fixed" some day by Mr. Repairdude) and power on. Works fine! Some minor touch ups were done to the playfield and loose lamp inserts secured with glue. Now let the touch ups and glue dry for a day, and tomorrow it is waxing time. Needs flipper rubbers and a minipost in front of the spinner, no problem. Great looking game.


Works fine, plays fine. The playfield is shiny after waxing and the touchups around bonus lights were succesful.


The game went silent! Looking more closely revealed bad 741 opamp on sound board. Not having a spare opamp at hand, I connected top of volume pot directly to C8 at the opamp input. Works nice, and the volume level is still very adequate.


I removed the suspicious looking memory backup battery from CPU board, and installed a gold cap in its place. No more worrying about leaking battery destroying the PC board.

Old Bally solid state sound boards amplifier section


Paragon was bought half by me, half by Mikko. But because the Trident that we acquired about the same time, felt somehow more playable game for me, we decided to adjust the ownerships: Mikko now fully owns his old favourite Paragon, while the Trident is now all mine. Not a big deal, since all the games are in one place. But anyway it is nice to play a game that is completely yours. And if there should ever happen any mishap during repairs - well, you are allowed to break whats yours.