Coin rejector adjustment

Modern pinballs usually have electronic coin rejectors, but for us old game collectors the mechanic coin rejector is a familiar device. It may happen that a newly acquired game has a coin rejector for completely different coins we would like to use. No problem, adjusting the rejector is not excessively difficult.

Euro-coins are in use at start of 2002, so if you want your pinballs to work on current coins you must adjust the rejectors before that.

Basically this kind of mechanic coin rejector separates coins according to their size, weight, metal hardness and magnetic properties. When we adjust the rejector for other coin, the result is not necessarily perfect, but quite sufficient for home use. The most important part of rejector is #12, the cradle. Too small diameter coins drop thru the cradle and are rejected. Too big ones do not get into the cradle because of size limiter (not shown in picture). Almost, but not quite right size coins do not move part #14 enough, so the cradle can't turn and let the coin move forward. The part that rejects too large coins is adjustable in some mechanisms, and fixed in some. Of course the adjustable version is nicer, but usually the fixed version can be enlarged with a file or made smaller with drops of solder or by putting an M3 screw in its place.

The first adjustment is to twist the cradle's arms with pliers so that the wanted coin will not fall thru the cradle but any smaller coin will. Then adjust the input size limiter so that too large coins will not make it to the cradle. Now we have made the coarse adjustment. Of course the cradle size can't be adjusted infinitely, so it is best to find a rejector that is already quite close to the wanted coin size.

Next we adjust the iron separator magnets air gap. By turning screw #16, adjust the gap so that the wanted coins do not pass thru. Then open the gap until the coin just falls thru. At this time, lock the adjustment screw in place with a drop of superglue.

Now the fine adjustment. First set the kicker #3 and separator #4 at extreme right position when looking at the rejector from frontside. Insert a few coins and note that some of them is rejected because they hit the separator. Move the separator to left until coins do not hit it anymore.

Now move the kicker #3 to extreme left. Insert some coins, note that the ones hitting the kicker are rejected. Move the kicker to right until coins do not hit it.

Tighten all screws and lock them in place with a drop of superglue. Your rejector is now adjusted!