Pinball maintenance and repair

Here you can find general instructions on repairing and taking care of older - and also newer pinball games, and some more specific instructions on some manufacturers games. Also available is a tutorial on electronic components and some notes on circuit board fixing.

General tips

Fixing used pinball machines
Even though a pinball machine is finely built, it doesn't work endlessly without maintenance. Find some tips here.

Various stuff used in pinball cleaning
How to clean playfield and cabinet? What wax to use? How to clean oxidized connectors?

Tim Arnolds pinball tips
Tim Arnold has one of the largest pinball collection in the world. His tips are surely useful!

Pinball lamp info
Even if your games work perfectly otherwise, at least a lamp burns out every now and then. Check here for some info on lamps.

Eurocoins are here - adjust your coin rejectors.
It is quite easy to adjust an old style coin rejector for different coins. Find the basics here.

My game is missing the backglass. What now?
Making a repro backglass is nowadays not impossible. See how it can be done.

Game specific tips

Guide to electromechanical pinballs operation and repair
Even before microprocessors, pinballs required service. These instructions get you going with it.

Gottlieb System 1 operation and tips
These first solid state games were really reliable. But after 20 years even they could fail. Check here what to do if a System 1 -machine breaks.

Williams System 3-7 tips
The old Williams electronics is simple and easy to fix. Just check here.

Schematics and electronics

Guide to reading EM schematics
If you repair an EM machine, you have better understand the schematics and service manuals.

Electronic components in pinballs
Usually even the electronic faults in SS games are easy to fix if you just know how the components work. Check here for some info.

Circuit board repairs
Replacing IC chips and other components in circuit boards takes its own technique. Look here before starting repairs on a board.