Revenge From Mars


As I already had Attack from Mars, it was an easy decision to also get the sequel game Revenge from Mars, when offered.

This is a little bit different from the earlier pinballs. It is the first game in Pinball 2000 series, from 1999. Pinball 2000 was supposed to make pinball again popular and profitable, but sadly it didn't happen. After producing two games, Bally/Williams quit the pinball business.

It is a great system in every way. The game display image is projected from a CRT monitor onto playfield glass. When a ball "hits" the projected targets, the game gives score as with normal mechanical targets. The game has lots of great and fun animations and very good sounds. Some people say these are not pinballs but video games - definitely not true! The action is made with real steel balls and it feels like any other pinball, just looks better.

Taru happened to have a suitable space for yet one game and so we carried RFM to her place. It will be thoroughly tested by a couple of very eager test players.

Testing the game.

The CRT is located in the backbox, and image reflects from playfield glass, that has its upper part coated with semi transparent mirror finish. All playfield devices are easy to see through the glass.


Pinball 2000 had a good design idea, to make it easy to swap playfields and decorations, and get a new game. Playfield comes out easily, and it has long cables. This also makes servicing easy.

Playfield comes out easily.

Underside of playfield has familiar WPC parts.

Looks normal.

The game is controlled by a computer on top of backbox. From that, a cable goes to driver board at the bottom of cabinet. Fortunately it has a plastic box covering it, so that loose screws do not make shorts.

Driver board is under this plastic.

Driver board.

This is no video game, and so the playfield must be cleaned every once in a while. Taru will do a complete shop job and replace all rubbers. The game will look nice, it has no wear at all. Only the right side cabinet decoration is damaged. They can probably still be found, I hope.

Cleaning required.

Damaged decoration.

The game is somewhat like Attack from Mars, you are trying to get rid of nasty Martians and have to complete 9 missions or modes in doing that. The last mode is again destroying the mothership and attacking Mars. Animations are fun, and of course a lot better than what was possible with a dot matrix display.

The 9 modes.

In the middle of upper playfield is a metal ramp, that raises and lowers, to let the ball pass through or divert it upwards.

Middle ramp.


Revenge From Mars has found a new home.