A nice Bally 1996 Safecracker was for sale. As I have long wanted one, I immediately followed the lead. We went to look at the game, and also a Corvette for Taru. Safecracker is slightly smaller than normal games, it combines pinball with a board game. Theme of the game is bank robbery. When you win the board game, and rob the bank, the game gives a "Magic Token" for you. You can then use it to play a special "Magic credit" game.

Testing the game.

Taru also played the game and we found out it was in good condition.


Game is brought home.

WPC-95 electronics in nice condition.

Token dispenser tubes.

There was no other problems except the bumper skirts were very worn. But the nice seller gave me three new bumper skirts, so on with the changing!

Some wear.

Replacing the skirts is one of the most tedious repair jobs, the space is cramped and the light socket wires must be soldered off, remove the staples and try to put back nicely afterwards. It is very easy to drop nuts and parts into the target banks and other parts.

Tight spots.

Bumper area is now easy to clean when the bumpers are out.

Sevice was a success, and a good thing to do because there was other problems also with the bumpers, one of the ring had the rod mounting end broken and also the steel yoke that pulls the rods was broken. The broken off parts were at the bottom of game, so I didn't have to search for a replacement Nylok nut.

Wanna buy some slightly used spares?

Now it only needs a light cleaning and waxing, then it's ready to play!.

Playfield is clean.