The Shadow


The Shadow pinball was made based on the movie of the same name. Unfortunately the movie was not a success, and so the pinball was also unsuccessful. But even though the movie was bad, the pinball isn't, instead it is a very nice and challenging game!

Nice game.

Only one place to fix the anti-breakin bar damages.

Cabinet looks good.

Playfield is very nice.

Underside of playfield is clean, not much plays on this machine.

With the game, we got another Shadow for spare parts, I am quite sure one good solid game will become from these.


At least enough time to take the playfield apart for cleaning. All parts were removed and cleaned, and new rubbers and lamps installed.

Disassembled playfield. The red posts are already washed clean and mounted on playfield.

All parts in place. Now it is time for a test game!


The Shadow has found a new owner.