SPEL meeting summer 2002


Although the Karvia-weekend was just passed, it was again time to get on the road. In Helsinki there was an opportunity to meet other SPEL members and also the guys behind Rahapeliopas (Gaming guide) web pages. The meeting took palce at Antti's and Henkka's warehouse, so also lots of pinballs were also available.

First we introduced us. Gaming Guide's people hade made really great web pages and discovered a lot of facts just by examining the games operation. Fortunately also RAY and PAF had been positive to them and gave some information. Antti showed us his British made Hot Rod machine.

Maybe some day we will find instructions to this game also, from Gaming Guide!

We learned some interesting things about fruit machines. Now it was time to take the Pajazzo championship SPEL against Rahapeliopas. The guests were allowed to adjust the machine as they wished. Henkka, Antti and Sampo represented SPEL in this demanding competition.

How did the competition end? Well, I'm not really interester in Pajazzo playing, so I don't know! Instead, the pinballs do interest me and those were plentiful on this warehouse.

Antti and Henkka have a nice row of Gottlieb System 1 games. From the 15 games, my own favorites are, just like 20 years earlier, Buck Rogers, Genie, Totem and Hulk.