SPEL meeting 2003


It was again time to meet other game collecting maniacs. The annual SPEL meeting was this time arranged in Antti's and Henkka's warehouse. There were 12 members present, and besides the official meeting, time went by in playing games and talking. Of course the well-equipped warehouse had also a sauna (space for 1 person) and barbeque.

What's this? No ball games? Just kidding...

Antti shows us how to play Surf Champ. In the background, an electronic pajazzo is being wondered.

And this is how the pajazzo looks inside.

There is an astounding amount of both old and new games in the warehouse. The sight silences any pinhead. All games are not even set up, but the total amount is about 60-70 games. This is quite unlike home!

This fine row of Gottlieb System-1 games has been admired in even United States.

Of course there is also a bar. A really well set up place!

SPEL members are gathering in the bar, and chairman Henkka behind the counter begins the official meeting.

An old gambling game has turned into amusement machine. These old 50 p coins are not valid anymore.

Pekka concentrates on the essential.

Lasse is trying to resurrect Antti's computer into surfing condition.