Sörkka Pinball Open 2004


There is quite a number of pinball enthusiasts in Finland, but for some reason there haven't been many pinball tournaments. So let's do something! Sampo planned the tournament rules, and the place was selected to be Antti's and Henkka's warehouse in Sörnäinen, Helsinki. And so the tournament was named Sörkka Pinball Open.

So that everybody would be sure what we were playing, Henkka put an appropriate sign on the wall.

First part or tournament was played with six games. Three of them were a bit older style: Solar Ride, EM Hot Tip and Black Knight. The other three were newer: Banzai Run, Road Show and Whitewater. So everybody could find at least one favourite game.

Solar Ride

Hot Tip EM

Black Knight

Banzai Run

Road Show


Sampo collected the enrollments from contestants, and made ID cards for them. There were 21 players, which is a nice amount for this kind of first tournament. Of course we expect more on the next time.

First one to enroll was Kirsti.

Before starting the actual tournament, the players had some time to warm up, although the tournament games were not allowed to be used yet. All other games were available, and as a small extra competition, there was a "Set High Score" contest, where a special prize was given to players that got the highest score on some selected games.

Many games to choose from.

Tournament judge Tuukka looks at APZ's warm up game.

Countdown was a good game to practise for Solar Ride.

Antti makes some final adjustments and cleaning.

Before starting, Sampo explains the rules to contestants.

Some late enrollments were taken for a while after starting.

Now it's for real, and not for amusement!

After every player had played on every six games, it was time to calculate results. Sampo keyed the player scores, approved by the judges, into a computer and the four finalists were found.

Calculating results.

To the final made their way Mika Koillinen, Ari Sovijärvi, Ari Paananen and Ari Koivunen. Mika and the three Aris then played a 4-player game on the final game Fireball Classic.

Final game Fireball Classic

Winner of the final game was Ari Koivunen, while the scores were as follows:

1. Ari Koivunen    559,710
2. Ari Sovijärvi   299,280
3. Mika Koillinen  257,660
4. Ari Paananen    199,170

It was time for awards. Ari Koivunen was given, as the first prize, a Spiderman pinball with a golden engraved plaque. No, it was not the 1980 Gottlieb game, but a modern compact model :) The game was found to be interesting and it was tested thoroughly by the players.

The winner and his prize.

Second and third prize consisted of various stuff donated by sponsors, bags, T-shirts, pinball spare parts and cleaning stuff etc.

Award ceremony.

"Set High Score" -contest winners select their prizes.

The winner trio.

The tournament went fine, and all the arrangements were done very well. Many thanks to the Sörkka team, and of course to all participants! This was definitely not the last tournament in Finland.

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Photos by Jyrki