Sörkka Pinball Open 2005


It was again time for the Sörkka Pinball Open tournament, this year for the second time. Arrangements were much the same as last year, only we did a small adjustment in rules, now the players had a chance to play another game on one machine, if the first game was complete disaster. Many players used this chance, with more or less success.

Lets play pinball!

Like last year, there were six different machines to play. This year the contest games were chosen to be Safecracker, Dracula, Dr. Dude, Mystic, Genie and electromechanic Sinbad.



Dr. Dude




There were 33 participants, a little more than last year. Anyway there is still room for more. The tournament went along fine, thanks to good planning. Sampo had made ID cards for players, which made easy for the staff to see players number and nickname when recording their scores. The second chance game, when used, was marked to the card by punching a hole into it. Before contest, the hole punching was practiced to avoid certain problems like in US president election some years ago.

Sampo explains the rules, and playing can start.

Food and drink were available for players.

In the beginning, the players looked quite serious.

But the staff had fun.

Before playing, it is wise to get familiar with the game.

System-1 department was represented in tournament by Genie.

More System-1 games.

A younger contestant.

Judge observes play.

Kasper helps his dad in judging.

There was also spare time, to discuss Gottlieb technical issues for example.

In addition to the actual tournament, there was a Set High Score contest, where players got rewarded for setting the highest score to certain games. One of these games was Twilight Zone.

Set High Score.

After every 33 players had played each of the six games, Sampo fed the results into computer, that then put the players in ranking order.

Results are being calculated.

Four best players made their way into the final, to play against each other on The Machine / Bride of Pinbot.

Results are announced.

The four finalists are Juha Juntunen, Tero Malinen, Jarkko Kuoppamäki and Vesa Tyry.


Sampo explains final rules.





The scores

Final game was thrilling but in the end Vesa went slightly ahead Tero, and the resulting scores were:

1. Vesa Tyry         6.710.240
2. Tero Malinen      6.461.230
3. Juha Juntunen     1.669.650
4. Jarkko Kuoppamäki   919.870
Time for the prizes. The first prize was naturally a pinball machine, but all the finalists and Set High Score winners got something, there was a camera phone and various liquid and wearable prizes.

The prizes.

First prize for Vesa was a Mars Invaders pinball, a nice compact model easy to carry along.

The winner.

2. runner up

3. runner up

4. runner up

Set High Score contest winners:

Hot Tip high score

Baby Pacman high score

Twilight Zone highscore

The tournament was a success, and everything went well. Many thanks to the Sörkka team, and of course to all the players! See you all again next year!

Click here for complete results

Photos by Jyrki