Sörkka Pinball Open 2006


Sörkka Pinball Open was again held in Easter Saturday, and this year it was the 15th of April. The happening was now bigger than ever, and there was an international atmosphere thanks to the Swedish contestants.

Large number of players, and the Swedes very tight schedule required some adjustment to the tournament rules. This year there was no chance to play a second game on one machine but in calculating the results, the worst of 6 games was automatically left out.

Sampo again welcomed the players.

In the beginning, there was still lots of space.

Six machines were played, as in previous years. The games selected for this years tournament were Scared Stiff, Dracula, Swords of Fury, Harlem Globetrotters, Cleopatra and Strato-Flite. Because of tight schedule, there were two Scared Stiffs available, adjusted to be just alike.

Scared Stiff duo


Swords of Fury

Harlem Globetrotters



After a while, not so empty spaces anymore.

Arska did not let his camera rest.

Some minor adjustments were needed once or twice.

Taru presents her style: eyes closed and no hands. Aku is wondering.

There were snacks available in the bar. I wonder if it was this Beef-Hash?

At 14 o'clock or 2 pm, all games were played and results were calculated. Four players got into final game, that was played on Antti's great Banzai Run. The final players were

SWE Per Holknekt 241
SWE Svante Ericsson 235
FIN Andrea Joki 226
FIN Olli-Mikko Ojamies 215

Myself, I got 190 points, that was enough for 11. place. Not bad, this was my first tournament!

Then it was time for an exciting final game!

Final scores.

Final game was thrilling, but Andrea played a great last ball and took the first place. Final scores:

Andrea Joki 1 322 200
Svante Ericsson 630 640
Per Holknekt 530 950
Olli-Mikko Ojamies 482 600

Sampo announces the results.

First, prizes were given to the traditional Set High Score contest winners, Matti Kinnunen and Roni Valkonen.

Solar Ride high score: Matti Kinnunen

Baby Pac-Man highscore: Roni Valkonen

Then it was time to give shiny prizes to Andrea, Svante and Per.

First prize included a free trip to the Stockholm Pinball Open tournament for Anrea.

First prize: Andrea Joki FIN

Second prize: Svante Eriksson SWE

Third prize: Per Holknekt SWE

Congratulations to all winners!

Again, the tournament was a success, and well organized. Many thanks to to the SPO team and of course to all players. See you next year!

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