Strikes and Spares


Strikes and Spares is one of the first solid state games from Bally. It is also Kevin O'Connors first artwork with Bally. Not bad looking at all!

The game came from Germany with three others. All were supposed to have something wrong but all parts were promised to be there. So it was, however the shooter rod is missing. This will be a good game machine although playfield is a little worn.

The German mechanic looks to have run out of minipost rubbers.

CPU board has been fixed in just the right place.


Playfield needs some yellow and orange paint. Compared to my Flash Gordon, should be an easy job.

Who stole all the innards? Yes, the early Bally SS games were really this empty. Only the chime box is in cabinet. But that is then a rare 4-voice type!

Kauko donated a missing shooter, now this is much easier to play :)


Playfield after touchup

Not an exact color match, but sure looks better now than with bare wood showing.


The game was crashing randomly after having been on for a while. And now the left bumper coil was burnt, as well as its driver transistor. They had been left on at crash, and of course somebody had replaced the 1A playfield fuse with more durable 10 amp one! Looking at the solenoid / power board, reveals the +5V filter capacitor C23 is still original from 1978! No wonder CPU power was a little shaky. A new cap in place, and at the same time I made Clays suggested modifications to the solenoid board. Now it seems to run fine. While at it, I replaced Q44 SCR in lamp driver board, now even the "S" lamp in SPARE is working.


Strikes and Spares is now playing its chimes with a new owner.