Student Prince


Student Prince is a 1968 Williams, and one of the only four Williams games to feature "Zipper Flippers", or flippers that move close and open. Backglass art can't be mistaken - it is by Christian Marche.

Cabinet paint is starting to flake off.

Playfield is nice, although needs cleaning badly.

Backglass is OK.


Finally I had time to look at Student Prince. I started with thorough cleaning of playfield and parts. Of course also new lamps and rubbers must be installed.

Needs cleaning quite badly.

After some work, looks nice!

I put in the missing rollover buttons and now the machine is complete. Upper arch and the instruction card holder must be cleaned and also need some touch ups. Then it is time to look at the inside. Sure there is something to be done.


It took almost a year, until I had enough time to look at Student Prince. Now after cleaning all relays and step up units, and replacing one bumper ring, the game is in good working condition.

It works!

Flippers open.

Flippers closed.


Student Prince found a new owner.