Pinball cleaning and maintenance stuff

These are commonly found in Finland. Of course you should check what similar stuff is available at your country.

Bottles from left to right:

Windus glass cleaner

This is used on playfield glass (both sides!) and backglasses outside.

Korrek Old paint cleaner

Slightly abrasive cleaner. Good stuff for cleaning a TZ Powerball. With this you can clean the playfield of newly acquired game once, to get all dirt off. Do not use more than once because of paint wearing.

Korrek Protec UV

UV-radiation protecting wax. UV in sunlight and fluorescent lamps fades paint and makes plastics and rubbers yellow. It is wise to use UV protection. Use this stuff to wax the cabinet to prevent fading. Also use on both sides of playfield glass to protect playfield from UV. Because glass is very smooth, it doesn't hold much wax. It is best to do at least two layers.

Kontakt PRF "blue"

Cleans switches and connectors. Take care to use only this "dry" cleaner with no grease. Oily stuff cause problems after some time. Switches carrying large currents, such as flipper buttons and EOS switches must be conditioned with burnishing tool, contact cleaner is not recommended for those.

Sonax Xxtreme wax

For waxing the playfield. Solid wax thas has real Carnauba is tedious to use but gives far better shield and shine than liquid waxes. This is not especially suited for cleaning, so clean the playfield well before waxing.

Novus #2 and #1 plastic care

For playfield and plastics cleaning. Novus #2 is slightly abrasive, it makes transparent plastics such as ramps and display windows scratch free, also it cleans dirty playfield. It is much less abrasive than the Korrek old paint cleaner, so it can be used more often. Usually it is enough to clean playfield with Novus #1. For Diamondplate playfields, that is all to be done. Older games need waxing after Novus #1.

Johnson Steel Polish

For ball polishing. If the balls are badly worn, they should be polished with a machine such as depicted here . For normal cleaning, this is good stuff.

Silicone spray

For lubricating. Use very sparingly. Typical applications are: shooter rod, slingshot lever bearing, bumper trigger switch cup. This is good lubricant that does not gum up but not suitable for heavy pressures.


What??!!! This should not be here! This stuff has nothing to do with pinballs! Oil gums up and makes moving parts stuck in time. This is one of the worst problem makers in clever selfmade repairmans hands. It is OK to use this to loosen rusted bolts on your car, but NOT ON PINBALL MACHINES!