Totem is a very nice System 1 game, and fortunately one was available at reasonable price. Sold as "project condition" so some work might be needed.

Electronics is almost OK, cabinet needs cleaning.

Backglass red colour has faded especially at the TOTEM logo, otherwise glass is OK.

Looking at the backside, no paint flaking at all.

Power supply board needed a new 5V filter capacitor, and at the same time, connector solder reflow and new thermal greasing. The CPU board battery was in final, and already showing some leakage. Cleaning with vinegar hopefully stops corrosin. The 5101 CMOS RAM and the 4081 driving it were bad and replaced. Sound board CPU chip was dead.

System 1 simplicity. Grounding wires added to boards.

Playfield is dirty but all plastics are intact. Playfield paint is OK.

Underside of playfield looks nice.

Some rat droppings at the back of cabinet. :)


The game works and only needs cleaning. So now it is time to strip off all playfield parts. It is a good idea to put back all screws after removing posts, makes it easier to get everything back again at correct places.

Plastic parts go to ultrasonic bath, lamps and rubbers are replaced with new ones.

Stripped playfield ready for cleaning.


Now it is clean and waxed. Cabinet sides still need to be washed, then it will look nice.

Playfield put together again, after cleaning.

Indian theme games.


Totem found a new owner.