Tips and tuning

Some tips on tuning your games and info on operating pinballs at home.

Polish your pinballs and prolong playfield life.
The steel balls should be smooth and shiny so they move fast and do not scratch the playfield.

Silence your pinball
Your neighbour behind the gameroom wall likes these instructions.

WPC switchon noise eliminator
Loud pop at startup or shutdown is harmless but doesn't sound nice. Luckily it can be cured.

Replacing batteries with a gold cap
If you own many games, changing batteries yearly is not cheap. Check here how to keep battery salesman away from your wallet.

Improving sound balance
At low volume levels, the WPC games could use some improvent on the sound balance. Here is a simple modification to try.

Installing shaker motor
Some pinballs have a shaker effect. You can build one yourself also into other games.

Taru's Tuning
Nice tuning tips for various games.