Time Warp


Time Warp is the other Williams game with "banana" flippers. Because I already had the other, Disco Fever (only with ordinary flippers for now), of course I had to get this also. The game is from 1979 and its theme is time travelling.

Playfiels has some wear, but far from worn out. After cleaning this will sure look fine. The left flipper has scratched playfield, it needs some red paint.

Backglass is just perfect.


After some touchups and new rubbers, the playfield looks nice.


Replaced flipper coil sleeves, plunger/link and EOS switches. With the old style flipper mechanisms, you need to keep everything in mint condition to get enough power from flippers.


I made new stickers for the drop targets. The old ones were still OK but anyway a bit faded already.

New targets look nice.


The sound board had started to hum. I replaced three electrolytics on board, C29, C10 and C30, which helped. Now the game is silent.


I replaced the 100 V display power supply zener diodes with 91 V, less voltage means longer life for displays and driver chips. They are a little less bright now, but not significantly less.


One of the bumpers did not light up even with a new bulb. The wire was broken off from underside of playfield. I soldered it back and everything's fine again.


The game is now sold to a new owner. I hope he will have lots of fun with it.


New owner got a bit bored with Time Warp and traded it for another game, so Time Warp is again mine!